The Bath Story

How it began

Customers were visiting my boutique store which was based in the historic township of Strathalbyn, South Australia looking and asking for bubble bath.

I wanted to fulfil their requests and my desire because I love having a bath. So in 2014 my journey began and I set out to find the worlds most luxurious bubble bath.

This product I was searching for needed to tick a few boxes. It was essential that the fragrances smelt amazing, the formula needed to foam (because I love bubbles), the packaging had to be timeless, beautiful and elegant and lastly the bubble bath had to be luxuriously soft and natural so it was safe for babies and children as well as adults to use.

My search for the finest bubble bath took me around the world. I was unable to find a product that I truly loved which ticked all of these boxes. So, I embarked on a life changing idea and began the biggest journey of my life, backed by passion and faith I set out to create the worlds most luxurious, fine fragrance bubble bath.

For as long as I can remember my bath has always been my sanctuary, I believe it changes the way you feel. I have a bath to relax, to dream and to just take time out of my busy day, to breathe.

I worked closely with a renowned perfumer and manufacturer for two years before I decided on seven, amazing fragrances, one for each day of the week.

I invite you to discover Toffish Bath and immerse yourself in an elegant world of fine fragrance bubble bath which is proudly made with love, passion and a touch of magic in South Australia.

Toffish is Australia's premier bath & body products online retailer.

Damask Rose Bubble Bath